The University of Georgia is legally and ethically obligated to protect the confidentiality of students’ records. The Office of the Registrar provides several resources to help faculty and staff learn about student privacy rights and responsibilities under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Each new employee who will have access to any student information system is required to complete the FERPA quiz and certification.  Current employees will be asked to complete a recertification on an annual basis.

Gudiance to Faculty Regarding Recording Class Sessions:

Recording Class Sessions is Permitted (FERPA may Apply) – As was the case prior to the transition to online instruction, faculty can record class sessions. If students are participating in an identifiable manner in the class session, those portions of the recordings become the education record of such students and would be protected by FERPA. For example, portions of a recording in which students can be seen responding to questions and actively participating in the class session would be covered by FERPA. However, a recording that only features the faculty giving a lecture and responding to questions submitted anonymously would not be covered by FERPA, as no identifiable student information is featured. 

  1. Recordings Covered by FERPA – Recordings containing personally identifiable information of one or more students can be made available to students who are enrolled in the class during the semester the class session was recorded, for instance to facilitate access for students who may have missed a class session. These recordings should not be made available to students taking the same class in subsequent semesters, nor should the recordings be accessible to anyone outside of the class (other than University employees with a legitimate interest in accessing the recordings).
  2. Recordings not Covered by FERPA – Recordings that do not contain personally identifiable information of any student can be made available more broadly, provided that such availability is otherwise in compliance with University and departmental policies.

Faculty can contact the Office of Online Learning (online@uga.edu) and/or the Center for Teaching and Learning (ctl@uga.edu) for guidance and best practices regarding the recording and subsequent use of class sessions. Faculty can direct specific questions regarding the applicability of FERPA to class recordings to the Office of Legal Affairs (legal@uga.edu).


Please see the following for complete information on FERPA:

 The Office of the Registrar offers:
  • A FERPA quiz which is required for anyone requesting access to the student information systems. From the link, click on "Employee Certification"

Take the Quiz here!

  • Group training
  • One-on-one consultation
An annual recertification is also conducted to give employees who access any student information system a refresher on FERPA guidelines and to record a commitment by each to protect education records.
Current and former students can request to add or remove a FERPA restriction to or from their records by completing the FERPA request form (PDF).
Contact Adam Lawrence, 706-542-6020, for information regarding consultations, trainings, and general information regarding FERPA.