Apply To Graduate

Undergraduate Candidates

Undergraduate candidates for graduation must apply to graduate using the graduation application available in Athena by a given deadline for the semester in which they intend to graduate.

The deadline to apply for fall graduation is October 1, and the deadline to apply for spring 2024 graduation is March 1.

If these dates fall on a weekend, the deadline will be the Friday immediately before the October 1 or March 1 date.

Detailed instructions on how to apply to graduate as an undergraduate are available. 

  • When applying for spring or summer semesters, undergraduates must apply for the term in which they will take their last course(s) toward their graduation requirements.
  • Undergraduates applying for summer by the graduation application deadline for spring/summer are eligible to participate in the spring undergraduate commencement ceremony in May and will appear in the spring/summer commencement program except students with FERPA restrictions.
  • A FERPA restriction must be removed in order to appear in the program.
  •  Apply once for each degree program. 
  • Students can check their graduation application status in Athena under the View Application to Graduate option on the Student Services page. If an application is listed in the dropdown, then the graduation application was successfully made.


Graduate Candidates

Graduate candidates expecting to graduate should consult the Graduate Bulletin for information regarding graduation requirements. Graduate candidates should also contact the graduate coordinator’s office in their academic department or email for general information regarding graduation requirements.

Graduate commencement exercises are held in spring and fall. Students completing requirements during summer have the option to participate in the fall graduate commencement ceremony.