Centralized Classroom and Event Scheduling


Instructional Space for Courses

Effective for Fall 2016, the Office of the Registrar schedules instructional space for courses.

During the exclusivity period, all courses should be added to Banner. There are 3 options for entering meeting location on each course:

  1. Load the building and room field for only your department’s pre-designated space.
  2. Load “NCRR” into both the building and room fields if a classroom is not needed for the course.
  3. Leave the building and room fields blank if the course needs a classroom. Any course loaded without a building and room number in Banner will be assumed to need a general classroom, and one will be assigned during mass scheduling. Loading a building number and no room number will not secure a room in the loaded building.

The central scheduling period noted on the timeline for each term is a 2 week period during which courses loaded with no room information will be assigned a room using the Ad Astra scheduling software. During this time, course editing in Banner is unavailable. Approximately 2 weeks before the central scheduling period begins a reminder email will be sent to course schedulers that will include a preferences sheet that can be returned to the Registrar’s Office to indicate any specific location or room feature preferences. Please note that the Registrar’s Office cannot guarantee that all preferences will be possible to accommodate. Room assignments will be made based on course information loaded into Banner, so it is important that all courses have accurate day, time, and maximum enrollment listed, any courses that meet together are correctly cross-listed with a max enrollment for the combined sections, and an instructor has been added, if known. If you are asking for a room during the central scheduling period, please do not load a room in your pre-designated space – doing so will prevent any other room from being assigned.

Ad Astra uses a complex algorithm of factors to schedule rooms. All courses are considered equally and concurrently. The factors involved in choosing a room are:

  • Instructor teaching back-to-back classes (it will schedule them in the same building if possible)
  • Maximum enrollment for class compared with number of seats in classroom
  • Proximity to the department’s building
  • Specific location or room feature preferences provided on the preference sheet

It is possible that all rooms during prime teaching times will fill up, resulting in some courses not receiving a room during the central scheduling period. In this case, the department can propose other time options, and the Registrar’s Office will try to find rooms available during the proposed times.

Any other changes regarding classrooms or course additions needing room assignments can be requested via email to classrooms@uga.edu. Prior to the request, the course must have already been added to Banner with the meeting day(s) and time(s). Please include the following information in the email:

CRN of the course
The number of seats being offered
Any location or room feature preferences

Instructional Space for Course Related Events

Effective for January 4, 2016, the Office of the Registrar schedules instructional space for course related events after the event exclusivity period defined in the Policy for Centralized Classroom and Event Scheduling . Course related events are any events related to a CRN in Banner but are not part of the scheduled course meeting date/time.

To submit a request to use a classroom for a course related event, please send an email to classrooms@uga.edu with the following information or attach a completed PDF form.

  • Faculty/Staff contact person
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Department affiliation
  • Meeting title
  • Class(es) associated with this meeting
  • Estimated attendance
  • Date
  • Start time
  • End time
  • Location preferences
  • Room feature preferences
  • Other information

Ad Astra

Astra Schedule is the web application utilized by the University of Georgia for building and room scheduling, and it is used to schedule both classes and events.

Use this link to login to Astra Schedule
The Registrar's Office will respond to your request within 2-3 business days.

If you would like to schedule a departmental event not related to a specific course or an event sponsored by a student organization, please contact Campus Reservations by visiting reservations.uga.edu.

For additional information about centralized classroom scheduling, please review the following:

Centralized Classroom and Event Scheduling Policy

Centralized Classroom and Event Scheduling FAQs

Astra Schedule Quick Reference (PDF)

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Ad Astra Video Tutorials

Please see our Video tutorials using Astra Scheduler.