Schedule of Classes

The Schedule of Classes is available on this page in PDF form. The Schedule of Classes for current and future terms can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link below. For the Schedule of Classes for past terms, see the historical record of Schedule of Classes link. Acrobat Reader is required to view this version of the Schedule of Classes and can be downloaded from the Adobe Website

Please Note: Course offerings are subject to change due to budgetary restrictions or other contingencies. No class or section will be continued or offered if the enrollment does not meet minimum University requirements at the end of the registration period. A minimum enrollment of ten students in undergraduate sections and five students in graduate sections is required unless prior written authorization has been received from the Office of Instruction.

For information regarding important dates for each semester (registration dates, final exam dates, payment deadlines, and the Academic Calendar), please see Calendars.



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Searchable Schedule of Classes in Athena

Please visit Athena to access a searchable schedule of classes.

SUBJECT, COURSE NO, TITLE, and DEPARTMENT appear in the gray band.

SUBJECT:  The course identifier consisting of a four-letter code for the discipline of the course. The Subject and Course Number make up the identifier for a course.

COURSE NO:  A four-digit designation for the course. A single letter suffix follows some courses.

"L" after the four-digit course number designates a lab.

"H" after the four-digit course number designates an honors course.

"W" after the four-digit course number designates a writing intensive course.

"S" after the four-digit course number designates a service learning course.


TITLE:  Title of the course listed under SUBJECT and COURSE NO. Often abbreviated; see the current UGA Bulletin for full title and course description.

DEPARTMENT:  Lists the department to which the course belongs. 

CRN (Course Reference Number):  The five-digit designation for a specific section of a course being offered. This is the number you may use to register directly for the course section in Athena.  Please note: If there is no CRN at the beginning of a particular row, the CRN is listed on the row above it. This would indicate multiple rooms and/or days and times for the course section. CRN 84955 shown in the picture above is an example of multiple times and days.

SEC (Section):  This is an optional field used by departments to uniquely identify individual sections of the same course.

STAT (STATUS):  Indicates the registration status of the class.

A = Active (available for registration) 

I  = Inactive (not being offered this semester) 

C = Cancelled

I and C status courses are not open for registration even if they are not crossed out.

CREDIT HRS (Hours):  The number of credit hours awarded for the course. The range of numbers indicated the minimum and maximum credits available. When the minimum and maximum numbers are different, this indicates that the course is offered for variable credit hours. Students should check with the instructor and their advisor for the number of hours for which to register. 

DAYS:  U= Sunday, M=Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, R=Thursday, F= Friday, S=Saturday

TIME:  Listed are both the start and end times for the course. All times are listed by the 24 hour clock. 

BLDG (Building)/ROOM:  A four-digit code for the building in which the class meets, plus a four or five alpha/digit code for the classroom in that building.  For example, 0250   0113 means room 113 in building 0250 (Joseph E. Brown Hall), located as shown on the 
Campus Map. 

CAMPUS:  This listing specifies on which UGA campus the class is being held. Online indicates that the section meets online while Athens indicates the course meets on the Athens campus.

INSTRUCTOR:  The last name of the primary faculty member teaching the course. A blank usually indicates that a specific instructor has yet to be designated.

PART OF TERM:  A set of dates within the larger semester. To view a list of all the parts of term and dates for each please visit Parts of Term.

CLS SIZE (Class Size):  Number of seats scheduled to be offered in the course section.

SEATS AVL (Seats Available):  The number of seats still available for registration in the course section.


1 = Thru

E = Extended

M = May

S1 = Short Session I

S2 = Short Session II