Double Dawgs

The Double Dawgs program provides students the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in five years or less. With over 200 different structured Double Dawgs pathway options, qualified students can take advantage of the many unique opportunities to earn an undergraduate and graduate degree within a five-year timeframe.

To learn more about this program and the different Double Dawgs pathways, please visit the Double Dawgs website.

Where to Apply

A Double Dawgs application is available in Athena, and it allows students to express an interest in a Double Dawgs pathway, apply to a Double Dawgs pathway, and view the status of their Double Dawgs pathway. The application also gives Double Dawgs departmental administrators the ability to approve and deny Double Dawgs pathway requests submitted by students.




User Access


The Double Dawgs application is available to undergraduate students who are currently taking classes and can be accessed through Athena.


Double Dawgs Approvers

Double Dawgs departmental administrators who are responsible for approving and denying Double Dawgs pathway requests submitted by students must be granted access as an approver to the Double Dawgs application in Athena. Access may be requested using the online user access system – CASIS. After logging into CASIS, click on the Curriculum tab, select the Athena Double Dawgs Approver option, and enter the pathway program name(s) in the comment box. For more information about CASIS, please refer to the User Access page of the Registrar website.


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