Course Challenges

Under some circumstances, the University of Georgia allows a student the opportunity to receive resident credit for courses by examination without attending the regular classes. Not all courses can be challenged; each academic department determines the standards of eligibility for students requesting to challenge a course. Students should check with the department regarding the procedure for course challenging. 

All students challenging a course must: (1) not be currently enrolled in or withdrawn from the course to be challenged, nor have previously completed the course at any institution; (2) be currently enrolled in the University as a degree-seeking student; and (3) complete and file an official Course Challenge Form (PDF) with the Registrar prior to taking the examination.

Following the examination, the instructor of record must record a grade with the Registrar. Based upon the results of the examination, regular grades of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D, or F are assigned for the challenged course, unless the course is not one authorized to receive these grades in which case the appropriate grade will be assigned from among those available for the course.

Hours earned using course challenges do not count in the determination of full and part-time status.