Banner Cohorts

What are Cohorts?

Banner supports unique codes called "cohorts" that are used to identify "a group of students with at least one similar characteristic for which we want to gather group level information.​"1 Examples include demographic information like age and gender, situational information like enrollment in a course or program, or both. Cohorts may affect the assessment of tuition and fees.


Requesting New Cohorts to be added to Banner

UGA's Office of the Registrar has developed a web application to facilitate staff requests for new cohorts that need to be added to Banner. You may access the application at the following link:
Login with your MyID and password, and click "Create a New Cohort Request" in the main menu to bring up the data entry screen where new cohort requests can be made. You are required to enter the following information:
  • a "proposed code" for this cohort in Banner.
  • a "description" of this cohort in Banner.
  • a "purpose" for this cohort: what group level information will this cohort track?
  • a "justification" why this should be implemented as a cohort?
  • will this cohort affect the assessment of tuition and fees, if known?
  • the beginning and ending dates that this cohort will be active in Banner.
  • the first term and year this cohort will be needed.
  • a Point of Contact: name, phone, and e-mail address of the individual who will answer questions and provide additional information to the various staff members who will be approving this cohort request.
In addition to the required new cohort request information, documents may be attached to this cohort request, as needed, to provide additional justification to the staff approving the new cohort request.
Questions and comments about this application may be directed to