Section Change

Section Change (PDF) forms should be used when a student needs to:

  • Switch to a different section of the same course (ex: moving to a new section of SPAN 2001)
  • Switch to a crosslisted course as outlined in the UGA Bulletin
  • Switch to a different course within a course path (ex: dropping SPAN 2002 for SPAN 2001)
  • Adjust the registered hours on a variable hour course


All currently enrolled students who wish to submit a section change form after the term is complete (defined by the day of Commencement) must submit a section change form showing the approval of the instructors and department head as well as the following:

  • a letter from the student stating that they are aware of the change to their registration;
  • a letter from the instructor of the new course explaining the reason for the late change; and
  • a letter from the dean to the Registrar providing an extraordinary justification for supporting the section change. For undergraduate students, the process for obtaining this letter is facilitated by the student's academic advising office. For masters and doctoral students, this letter should be facilitated by the dean of the Graduate School.

All required paperwork should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Students may appeal the decision of the Office of the Registrar to the Educational Affairs Committee.

Important Information to Remember:

  • Students should review the Academic Calendar for drop/add dates and times for a given term and given course level.
  • If a student has attempted to drop a course during the drop/add period but was unsuccessful in doing so due to a flag or misses the drop deadline and as a result has a course  that is not needed on their schedule, the student should visit the Office of the Registrar immediately during business hours with a photo ID.  If the student is not in the Athens area, the student can email the Registrar's Office at No assistance can be provided to students who do not make contact with the Office of the Registrar within 24 hours of the drop deadline.