The Office of the Registrar encourages students to reach out with questions regarding Veterans Educational Benefits either via phone or email.  Please contact Skylar Devlin at with questions or to arrange a time to speak over the phone.


Veterans Services at the University of Georgia, located in the Office of the Registrar, assists students receiving VA Educational Benefits by:

  • Processing educational benefit forms such as enrollment certifications
  • Advising students on procedures pertaining to their educational benefits
Assistance is also provided to students who must withdraw from the University because they are called to active duty and then with the readmission process when they return to the University.
Veterans Services at the University of Georgia is not a division of, or directly affiliated, with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. 

VA Certifying Official Information:

Skylar Devlin, Assistant Registrar

Veterans Educational Benefits
Office of the Registrar, University of Georgia
104 Caldwell Hall
Athens, GA 30602-6113

Phone: 706-542-1842


Utilizing VA Educational Benefits:

The role of Veterans Services is to monitor each veteran student’s enrollment status and academic progress. Our office does not determine eligibility for benefits or have access to any student’s Department of Defense VA records.
Initial certifications of enrollment are submitted prior to the beginning of each term. Changes in enrollment status that affect a student’s VA educational benefits are reported as they occur. The number of enrolled credit hours determines the level of benefit the student may receive. The University notifies the Department of Veterans Affairs through the electronic submission of the 22-1999 form.
All degree programs and majors at UGA have been approved by the State Approving Agency for the use of VA educational benefits. Students must be either a degree-seeking or be a transient student seeking a degree at another institution to qualify for educational benefits at UGA. If the student is not degree-seeking, the VA Certifying Official should be contacted for further information.

Applying for Veterans Educational Benefits

Information and the applications for Veterans Educational Benefits are available online at:
Students should save a copy of the application for Veterans Educational Benefits for their records as well as the confirmation email that the application was received. Students may need to provide a copy of the application to the VA Certifying Official at UGA.

Documents a student veteran or the dependent of a veteran may need to claim educational benefits:

Additional Veterans Educational Assistance


Priority Registration for Confirmed Service Members

University of Georgia offers priority registration for any veteran/active duty/reserve service member who submits proof of service to the school VA Certifying Official.  For information on obtaining priority registration as a confirmed service member, please contact VA Certifying Official Skylar Devlin at the information provided above.

Please note: Do not submit any documentation containing SSN information via email.
Students with questions about their eligibility for benefits and payment questions should contact the Department of Veterans Affairs at:
Regional Office
1700 Clairmont Road
Atlanta, GA 30033-4032
1-888-GIBILL-1 (1-888-442-4551)

Change in Status:

Any change in enrollment status or level of benefit must be reported to Veterans Services at UGA. Students should also notify Veterans Services if they have been called to active duty or wish to refrain from certification for a particular semester.
Students who withdraw from a course or students who do not successfully complete a course must notify Veterans Services within 14 days.

Called to Active Duty

If a student is called to active duty during enrollment at UGA or after admission but prior to the start of the term for which he or she is admitted, please notify VA Certifying Official Skylar Devlin. This can be done in person or via email.  This is a courtesy and is not required for a student to be eligible for readmission policies as a returning service member. 
If a student receives emergency orders to active duty during a semester in progress, he or she must provide the Office of Student Care and Outreach with a copy of the orders.  The orders must include the date the student must report for duty and the length of time of service.  This official documentation is required in order to receive a military withdrawal.  A military withdrawal results in the assignment of WM for all classes (which do not factor into the GPA) and allows for a full refund of tuition and fees.  A military withdrawal cannot be received for semesters that have already been completed.
Please contact the Office of Student Care and Outreach, located at 325 Tate Student Center or by phone at 706-542-7774.

DoD Tuition Assistance (TA)

For Active Duty, Reserve, or National Guard members using TA, the UGA focal point for processing benefits is the Bursar's Office, which can be reached at 706-542-6773. Military-connected students using TA should ensure approval is received from a Military Educational Service Officer (ESO) or conselor prior to enrolling.

Students may visit the following websites for further information:

Bursar and Treasury Services

Student Veterans Resource Center