User Access - CASIS

User Access Requests

A request in the automated user access system is needed to gain access to the student information systems (including Banner, Athena, and DegreeWorks), degree audit systems, and database views of student data effective July 1, 2009.

Policy Statement: The Office of the Registrar of the University of Georgia provides access to the student information system to employees with a legitimate need for information concerning students. All new users must first complete the FERPA Tutorial and Quiz conducted by the Office of the Registrar. 

Request for New User Access 

A request on behalf of an employee may be submitted in the Campus Access to Student Information Systems (CASIS) system. The legitimacy of each request will be evaluated and, if approved, the user will be assigned a specific level of security clearance.

In order to request new user access, the employee must first have a valid UGA MyID and then complete the FERPA Tutorial and Quiz. An access request should then be submitted in CASIS by a third party who is not the employee, as an employee may not request access for his or herself.

Please note that in order to obtain access to specific systems, employees must complete additional steps involving the completion of required trainings before submitting a request in CASIS. 

Employees seeking access to Banner must complete the Banner Navigation Tutorial and Quiz prior to requesting access in CASIS.  Employees requesting course scheduler access must attend a course scheduler training at Training and Development prior to requesting access (an online course scheduler tutorial is currently in development).  Additional trainings are not needed at this time in order to obtain access to systems such as Athena and Argos.           

Each access request in CASIS must be approved by a DDDS (Dean, Director,  Department Head, or Supervisor) before it will be processed by the Office of the Registrar. If a request is received where the user is moving to a new department, the Office of the Registrar will assess the request once the user has moved to the new department.

Electronic Process for Granting or Declining Requests

When a request is submitted, the user submitting the request is prompted to provide the MyID of the DDDS that must sign off on the access request. If the person submitting the request is the DDDS, the checkbox labeled "Is the DDDS submitting this request?" can be checked and no additional approval is needed. MyIDs are authenticated against the UGA SSO and must be attached to a current employee. An email message is sent to the approver, if not the DDDS, with a link to the User Access System that contains the access request ID.

The approver has the option to "Approve" or "Deny" the access request. If an access request is denied, the user must supply a comment as to why they are denying the access request. If the request is approved, the access request moves to the first data steward for whom access was requested. 

Each data steward has the option to “Approve” or “Deny” the access request. Approval and level of access is based on the need to access this information to perform one’s job responsibilities as provided for in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). If an access request is denied, the user must supply a comment as to why they are denying the access request.  Once all necessary data stewards approve, the request is forwarded to Access Services in EITS to perform the actual setup of the access. Once complete, an email is sent to the user and requesor. The average turnaround time for requests once submitted is one to three business days.

Request for Modified User Access

Requests for modified access may also be submitted through the same system.  Please only specify in the request the access that needs to be modified.

Revocation of Access

Each July, the Office of the Registrar requires annual certification for FERPA compliance.  Users of student information systems are notified via email with a memo that informs them they need to complete the annual FERPA certification in order to maintain their access.

If users do not complete the FERPA certification by the specified deadline, all access to student information systems is revoked.  In order to regain access, the user must complete the FERPA certification and a new user access request must be submitted.

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