Drop or Withdrawal for Non-Attendance

Instructors who wish to drop or withdraw a student from a course because of excessive absences should initiate the procedure within the instructional department (The term "excessive absences" is defined in the syllabus for the course).

During the Drop/Add Period

Instructional departments should contact the student via UGA email and ask the student to drop the course. If the student does not drop the course, the department may request an administrative drop for non-attendance by completing the Non-Attendance Drop Request form and emailing it to regsupp@uga.edu. A copy of the syllabus and the email sent to the student must accompany the form. 

After the Drop/Add Period but Before the Withdrawal Deadline

Instructional departments may request an administrative withdrawal if the student has excessive absences in a course by completing the Withdrawal Request form and emailing it to regsupp@uga.edu.

After the Withdrawal Deadline

Administrative withdrawals cannot be processed after the withdrawal deadline. Instructors are to assign an appropriate grade to the student during the grade processing period.