Website Transition:
Curriculum to Registrar

Please see below for an interactive mock-up of the proposed Navigation as well as Examples/Demos of pages to be integrated and created.


NEW=A page that's been newly added to the Registrar navbar
MODIFIED=An already existing Registrar page that's been merged
HIDDEN=Unavailable via navbar, but accessible via provided link
REMOVED = A page that will not make it through the transition
Strikethrough= Curriculum page successfully planned for relocation
*=No longer accurate, but remained for demonstration
[Action Item] = Additional consideration needed



Top Navigation

Registrar Website - Top Navigation



  • "Faculty Governance" does not fit as is. We would need to modify the top navigation bar code, thus breaking away from OVPI branding standards. We would also need to "&" replaced with "/".

Curriculum Website - Top Navigation




Page Changes/Additions

Pages that would be NEW to the Registrar website

  • [LIVE] Educational Affairs Committee Link
    Navbar LocationLocated under Faculty Governance
    Curriculum Sources: Educational Affairs

    • Displays various methods of the displaying information.
    • Meeting Dates/Deadlines are combined with Agendas/Minutes because there are only 1 or two documents with each meeting.

  • [LIVE] University Curriculum Committee - Link
    Navbar LocationLocated under Faculty Governance
    Curriculum Sources: University Curriculum

    • Meeting Dates/Deadlines are separated (for now) since there are numerous agenda documents. This can still be redesigned.
    • Separated the subcommittees into their two categories:
  • [LIVE] Double Dawgs - Proposed Link Finalized Link
    Navbar Location*: Located under General Information
    New Location (as of Dec. 16th, 2019)Located under both Students and Faculty & Staff
    Curriculum Sources: The UGA Double Dawgs Program
    • Suggested: Have the tutorial files for Double Dawgs be hosted on the Double Dawgs website.

  • [LIVE] First-Year Odyssey - Link
    Navbar Location: Located under General Information
    Curriculum Sources: About FYO


Pages that would be MODIFIED


Pages that would be HIDDEN


Pages that would be REMOVED

  • Transfer Committee - Original Link 
    • Page should be removed entirely, since this is now a committee of the Academic Advising Services.

  • [LIVE] Transfer Admission Agreements (TAG) - Link - Original Link 
    • The content (page and PDFs) can be contained (if desired) in either of the following locations:
      1. within OmniUpdate, but kept hidden (not public)
      2. locally on the SHARE drive (the internal network storage for the office)