Diversity Plan

The Office of the Registrar seeks to create an operating culture of inclusiveness so that we may better meet and serve the unique needs of a diverse community. The Office of the Registrar is committed to maintaining an office climate that embraces the diversity of all individuals. Diversity includes, but is not limited to, groups defined by race, nationality, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, language, religion, disability and/or health status, gender identity/expression, veteran status, geographic origins, and socio-economic status. In support of the University of Georgia Institutional Diversity Plan, a series of goals and actions specific to the Office of the Registrar is outlined below.   

Staff Development

  • Staff members are encouraged to register for and attend at least one training and development session annually that pertains to diversity issues on-campus. Diversity coordinators work to ensure staff members are aware of EOO and NDAH rights and responsibilities. The management team will work to schedule diversity related trainings and events during the annual office retreat or inter-office training. (Examples may include:  Safe Space, UGA Diversity Certificate, Legal Issues, UGA Advisor Certificate, and Global Advising Certificate.)
  • Each staff member is encouraged to attend at least one such program annually and to incorporate diversity training in their annual performance evaluation goals.
  • Allow staff time to participate in on-campus diversity events.  
  • Staff members will be encouraged to take advantage of speakers and other on-campus events and share what they learned at staff meetings.
  • Encourage staff to take advantage of Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), conferences, Element-K training, multicultural meetings and other forms of professional development.
  • The Registrar’s Office Diversity Representative will work to maintain the message center that focuses on career development, professional organizations, and diversity events on campus.  


  • Directors shall make a conscious effort to increase the applicant pool of historically underrepresented groups and persons with diverse backgrounds when filling staff positions. Per UGA policy, a search committee may extend the period of recruitment in order to seek applications from underrepresented groups. When advertising a position, ensure that it reaches a wide and deep pool with easily accessible venues. 
  • Work closely with HR to ensure that any postings issued from the Registrar’s Office reaches a broad spectrum of qualified applicants.
  • Continue the practice of informing prospective employees of UGA’s diversity plan and specifically asking if they support an office climate that embraces underrepresented groups and persons.
  • Include the Office of the Registrar diversity statement in job descriptions. Include diversity awareness and a commitment to promoting and enhancing diversity as a preferred qualification. Ensure the interviewing team is diverse. Ask questions about the prospective employee’s experience in working with people from diverse backgrounds. 

Diversity Awareness

  • Observe heritage months and special days with office events and public displays. 
  • Diversity coordinators will work to ensure information displayed in the break room and on the public monitor is accurate and up to date.  
  • Increase the presence of diversity initiatives on Registrar's Office website.
  • Images on the website should be reflective of the UGA campus and community. Maintain active links to OID and OID calendar, publish our diversity statement, and incorporate a diversity element within the office mission statement.

Cross Campus Initiatives

  • The Office of the Registrar will appoint a staff member to represent the office and coordinate communication with the Office of Institutional Diversity. This will range from sharing initiatives from OID and reporting, as well as sharing information on how our office supports the needs of a diverse population. 
  • The representative will be appointed annually and will be responsible for submitting an annual report to the OID as well as to the Registrar for inclusion in the Registrar’s Office annual report.