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To view the available seats in a class and the number of waitlist seats open, look at the Status column in the Find Classes section on the  Register for Classes page.

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Instructions for being added to a waitlist:

  1. Find the course you wish to add. Type the CRN into the first text field of the Register for Classes page and click Add to Summary.
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  2. The course will display in the Summary. Click Submit.
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  3. The following Registration Add Errors information will appear. The status of this message will state what action, if any, needs to be taken. 
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  4. Select “Waitlisted” from the Action dropdown box. Click “Submit.” 
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  5. The waitlisted course will appear with a status of Waitlisted.
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Please note that until the course appears in your Current Schedule, you are not registered for the course nor are you added to the waitlist for the course. 


Other Information about Waitlists:

  1. You may only be added to the waitlist for one section of a course. 
  2. You cannot be added to a waitlist if you are already added to a different section of the same course. 
  3. You cannot be added to a waitlist for a course if it would cause a time conflict with another course. 
  4. The waitlist of a term is closed three days before drop/add begins for that term.
  5. You can view your position on a waitlist in your Registration page under Schedule Details.
  6. If a seat becomes available, you will receive an email notification to your UGA email address.
  7. Typically, you will have 18 hours from the time of your notification to add the course.

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