Students are expected to pay their tuition and fees according to the Bursar’s Office  payment deadline schedule. When a student’s schedule is dropped for nonpayment, the student is either expected to 1) no longer attend classes or 2) make payment in full of any outstanding student account balances and request to have their schedule reinstated.
A reinstatement deadline will be determined for each semester (approximately 2 weeks from the drop for non-payment deadline for Fall and Spring and by the end of the term for Summer). 
Students requesting reinstatement must obtain and submit the Reinstatement Form (PDF) for processing by the reinstatement deadline.  Students who fail to reinstate their schedule by the deadline will not be allowed to reinstate or earn credit for the term.
After the completed form has been submitted, the student will need to pay the account balance, plus the reinstatement fee, by the deadline listed on the reinstatement form. If an account balance remains after the reinstatement deadline, the entire schedule will be dropped a second time.
Students dropped for nonpayment a second time will not be reinstated for the semester.