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The University of Georgia Bulletin is the official publication for academic matters of the University of Georgia. Students can use the UGA Bulletin to explore and compare majors, minors, and certificates, as well as to research courses to take.

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Bulletin Deadlines

Information received after the deadline dates for each Bulletin will be held over and automatically included in the next version. Previous versions of the Online Bulletin are available for viewing in the Archived Bulletins section below.

2020-2021 Bulletin

  • Friday, March 6, 2020
    • Deadline to submit changes in general information and degree requirements. Please note changes may be submitted at any time prior to March 6th. 
  • Monday, June 1, 2020
    • 2020-2021 Bulletin goes online. 


University-Wide Degree Requirements

Information about University of Georgia core curriculum, undergraduate degree hour requirements, First-Year Odyssey, Experiential Learning, Regents' and other examinations and requirements may be found in the UGA Bulletin under University Information.

Information about the University of Georgia's Credit Hour Policy may be found in the UGA Bulletin or here (PDF)


Bulletin Worksheets for Orientation

Complete the Bulletin Worksheets using the instructions below, and take them with you to your UGA Orientation session.

Print out the Bulletin Instructions and Worksheet:


Bulletin Modules

An Overview





Submitting Updates and Revisions

Guidelines and procedures for submitting revisions in general information, degree requirements, and courses are outlined below.


Revisions in General Information/Contact Information

Review the information in the current Bulletin pertaining to your unit or program, print out the pages, and indicate the changes you wish to make. Extensive changes or information on new programs should be sent as an e-mail attachment in MS Word.  Send changes to Mary Hopper, Office of the Registrar, 104 Holmes-Hunter,


Revisions in Degree Requirements, Minors, and Certificate Programs

Review the requirements for your majors, minors, and certificate programs that appear in the current Bulletin. Submit any corrections or changes to Amber Wilkerson, Office of the Registrar, 102 Holmes-Hunter,, using the procedure outlined below. 

Revisions in required courses, major electives, and general electives must conform to the following University System requirements:
  • A baccalaureate degree program must require at least 21 semester hours of upper-division courses in the major field and at least 39 semester hours of upper-division work overall.
  • All degree requirements, including college-wide requirements, must be included in the total hours required.

To submit Bulletin revisions: 

  • Print out the current degree requirements OR copy into a blank Word document from the online Bulletin
  • Make changes on the printed copy or use the Track Changes feature in Word to make the changes
  • Obtain Department Head and Dean's approval and signatures
  • Scan in printed changes or save Word document and send to
  • Curriculum Systems will review revisions and contact you with any questions
  • Approved revisions will be added to the Bulletin and forwarded for inclusion in the DegreeWorks system

Revisions in the Core Curriculum

The current General Education Curriculum was effective fall 2008. A list of courses included in the General Education Core Curriculum appears at

For information on submitting preferred courses in the Core, contact the Office of the Registrar at 706-542-6358 or


Revisions in Courses

Any changes in course information must be made through CAPA. For information about CAPA, please call 706-542-6358 or email


Syllabus Information

Please upload syllabus files for the Bulletin using the Syllabus System. Syllabus files will be uploaded to the Bulletin site from the Syllabus System.


NEED HELP? Email or call 706-542-6358. 

Archived Bulletins/
Commencement Programs

The Office of the Registrar has digitally archived university bulletins (general catalogues) and commencement programs dating back to the late 19th century.

  • For information regarding commencement, course descriptions, and general academia, please visit
  • For more recent bulletins (from 1999 to the present), please visit the Bulletin Archives.

When browsing the entire collection, use the sorting parameters on the right side of the page to sort items by “Date”. This is the most useful function when seeking information from a particular year or span of years.
Once the appropriate selection has been found, click on the title and choose from the format options located on the left of the screen. For individuals who simply wish to read through a volume without printing, it is recommended to use the “Read Online” option.

Users who wish to print pages will need to click the link for the PDF version, download the PDF (please be patient as these large files can take 5-10 minutes to download), then find the desired pages and print them. Please note that Adobe Acrobat may be required in order to print the pages.

Other available formats of each volume include a full text version, which contains all the text in a stripped-down, Notepad style that allows for easy printing or copying/pasting of content found in the volume.  There are also formats available such as those for Kindle or Daisy.

Please contact the Office of the Registrar at or 706-542-4040 with any quetions.