Double Dawgs Departmental Funding

Double Dawgs Departmental Funding Incentive Overview 

  • For each successful student completing an approved Double Dawgs program in five years or less, departments will receive a one-time funding allocation of $3,000.
  • The allocation will be divided 40% ($1,200) to the undergraduate program and 60% ($1,800) to the graduate program.
  • For departments to receive the departmental funding incentive, Double Dawgs students must meet the graduation timeframe for both the bachelor’s degree (graduate in four years or less) and the master’s degree (graduate by the end of the fifth year).
  • If students do not complete both degrees within the appropriate timeframe, the department(s) will not receive funding.
  • Funding will be awarded annually in October/November for the current fiscal year and must be spent by the conclusion of the fiscal year.

 Double Dawgs Funding Report: 

  • The Double Dawgs Funding Report is available on the Office of Institutional Research website, under Operational Reports, at:
  • Access to this report requires approval and the passing of the FERPA certification quiz. Please contact the Double Dawgs office for questions about access to this report.
  • The report contains four screens, accessed by the four tabs on the top right of the page: 
    • Report Overview – welcome and overview of the report
    • Incentive Funding – lists students who qualify the department for incentive funding
    • Pathway Progress – details progress of all students to anticipate future funding
    • All Students Details – lists all students who have ever been affiliated with a pathway
  • Click the “i” at the top of the page for additional information and tutorials

Double Dawgs Process: 

  • Following the awarding of degrees for each term, the Double Dawgs team will send an email to Double Dawgs Pathway Contacts notifying them that degrees have been awarded and the funding evaluation determinations can be reviewed in the Double Dawgs Funding Report.
  • Departments will have the opportunity to review their students and anticipate funding allocation for the upcoming fiscal year.
  • Any adjustments to student records must be completed prior to October of the fiscal year to be considered for funding. (For example, any students who complete a Double Dawgs pathway in fall 2023, spring 2024, and summer 2024 must be reviewed and adjusted, as necessary, prior to October 2024.)

For questions, please contact the Double Dawgs team at 706-542-6358 or