News and Reported Issues


  • DegreeWorks users now have access to the Student Educational Planner (the Plans). This new tool gives students and advisors the ability to create academic plans for degree completion. For more information, please see the Plans Training Manual for advisors or Plans Guide for Students.
  • A new field called “Preferred Name” was added to the audit to show the student’s preferred name.
  • A new field called “Self-Reported H.S. Language” was added to the audit to show the language studied in high school.
  • The Custom GPA Calculator is now available for use by students and advisors. For more information, please see the Calculator Guide.

Reported Issues

  • There is a known issue with Area II lectures and labs. Some labs are decoupling from lectures. We are working with the vendor on a resolution.
  • An issue was discovered that prevents the use of the "GO" functionality when logging into DegreeWorks with an iPad. Once the username and password are entered, please use the "LOGIN" button to obtain access to DegreeWorks.
  • A defect was discovered that impacts the Notes tab for faculty and staff users. Notes will not save if the "&" symbol is used or if your college contains the "&" symbols (for example: Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources). This defect does not occur in the new version of DegreeWorks.