PARC Curriculum Revision Process

Undergraduate Program Revision Process:

The PARC curriculum revision process begins with departments analyzing the undergraduate data provided by the Office of the Registrar concerning their curriculum and courses. Often majors, minors, and certificate programs contain courses that are not utilized, are confusing, or contain hidden prerequisites. The data provided by the Registrar’s Office will include:

  • Hidden prerequisite courses
  • Courses that were used or seldom/never used by student to satisfy requirements
  • Course exceptions and substitutions departments have approved to satisfy requirements

Once departments have reviewed the provided data, necessary curriculum revisions are then entered into PARC by the department for review and approval, resulting in newly revised curriculum programs that will appear in the UGA Bulletin and DegreeWorks.

See the below illustration of this process:


How PARC Works


Graduate Program Revision Process:

The PARC system allows for the revision of graduate program requirements.

Since graduate program requirements have not all been available in a centrally stored system before, the first step in the graduate program revision process was to collect the approved program requirement for all graduate majors and certificates from the academic units.

The program requirements for all graduate programs were provided by the departments and colleges and reviewed by the Graduate School. The approved requirements were entered into the PARC system and are now available for review and revision by the departments and schools/colleges.  Once any necessary curriculum revisions are entered into PARC by the academic unit for review and approval, the revised curriculum programs will appear in the UGA Bulletin and DegreeWorks.