Parts of Term, Spring 2015

A part of term is a set of dates that take place within a larger semester.  These parts of can be defined as follows for upcoming terms.

Spring 2015


DescriptionClasses BeginDrop/Add Ends
Withdrawal DeadlineClasses EndFinals End
1Full Term1/5/20151/9/20153/19/20154/27/20155/5/2015
S11st Short Session (FMBA, FYOS, Online BBA)1/5/20151/9/20153/2/20153/2/2015 
S22nd Short Session (FMBA, FYOS, Online BBA)3/3/20153/7/20153/19/20154/27/2015 
ESummer - Extended     
MSummer - May Term     
EM1EMBA Term 11/9/20151/13/2015 3/1/2015 
EM2EMBA Term 23/20/20153/24/2015 5/10/2015 
EM3EMBA Term 35/15/2015n/an/a5/18/2015 
PM1PMBA Term 11/12/20151/16/2015 3/11/2015 
PM2PMBA Term 23/30/20154/3/2015 6/4/2015 
P2Pharmacy 12 wk course1/5/20151/9/20153/19/2015 4/10/2015
PC1Pharmacy Clinical Rotation 11/12/2015n/an/a2/13/2015 
PC2Pharmacy Clinical Rotation 22/16/2015n/an/a3/20/2015 
PC3Pharmacy Clinical Rotation 33/23/2015n/an/a4/24/2015 
PC4Pharmacy Clinical Rotation 4     
VMVet Med1/5/20151/9/20153/19/20154/27/2015 
VM2VM Core1/5/20151/9/20153/19/20153/27/2015 
VM3VM Elective3/30/2015n/an/a5/8/2015 
VM4VM 3rd yr Core1/5/2015n/an/a1/26/2015 
VM5VM 3rd yr Elective1/26/2015n/an/a2/27/2015 
VC1VM Clinical Block 112/1/2014n/an/a12/21/2014 
VC2VM Clinical Block 212/22/2014n/an/a1/19/2015 
VC3VM Clinical Block 31/20/1015n/an/a2/8/2015 
VC4VM Clinical Block 42/9/2015n/an/a3/1/2015 
VC5VM Clinical Block 53/2/2015n/an/a3/22/2015 
VC6VM Clinical Block 63/23/2015n/an/a4/12/2015 
VC7VM Clinical Block 74/13/2015n/an/a4/30/2015