Welcome to the Registrar's Office


The Graduation Application is now available for undergraduates expecting to graduate in Fall 2017. Students must apply to graduate for the semester in which they will take their last course(s) toward their graduation requirements. Detailed instructions on how to apply are available here.


Summer semester 2017 degrees will be awarded no later than August 24, 2017.

New class roll functionality now available: Instructors of record may now print or extract their class rolls as a PDF or Excel file in Athena under the “Faculty Services” option.

The Spring and Summer 2018 Graduation Applications will be open on Monday, August 21 for undergraduate and graduate students.

Important Dates

Drop for Non Payment Deadline for Fall Semester: August 30

Holiday - Labor Day: September 4

Fall 2017 Reinstatement Deadline: September 14

Withdrawal Deadline: October 19

Deadline for Undergraduates to apply for Fall 2017 graduation: October 19

Fall Break: October 27