Available Reports

Existing Argos Reports


The University of Georgia provides access to Student Information to employees with a legitimate need for the information concerning students. Academic advisors, administrators, and departmental support staff may request an account through their supervisor. The legitimacy of each request will be evaluated and, if approved, the user will be assigned a specific level of security clearance.
The employee must first have a valid UGA MyID and then complete the FERPA Tutorial and Quiz.
A request for access should then be submitted in the online user access system – CASIS.
An employee may not request access for his/herself. Each access request must be approved by a Supervisor or Department Head or Dean before it will be processed by the appropriate Data Steward.
Please contact regtech@uga.edu for any questions about reporting or student data.

To view the current list of available Argos Folders, Datablocks, and Reports, please click on the Existing Argos Reports document at the ConnectUGA web site.