Available Reports

Argos/ePrint (Banner) Reporting

There continues to be progress made on reporting from the new student information system. The following Argos data blocks and reports are available to staff with a justified business need. Data blocks are the foundation of the Argos reporting tool. They contain user input forms and queries to retrieve information from one or more data sources. These lend themselves to more technical staff.
Reports in Argos have a data block as their “parent” and each data block can contain multiple reports.‚Äč Reports are made available to end users via both Argos (on demand) and ePrint (an on-line repository). More information on requesting access to an existing report or requesting a new report can be found at: ConnectUGA Reporting
Please contact regtech@uga.edu for any questions about reporting or student data.

To view the current list of available Argos Folders, Datablocks, and Reports, please click on the Existing Argos Reports document at the ConnectUGA web site.