Pertinent Dates for Scheduling Courses in Banner

Spring, 2018

During the room assignment time periods, all Banner course scheduling access is changed to Query Mode (View Only) for all terms.

First Available Date for Scheduling07/03/201708:00AM
Schedule of Classes goes Online08/21/201708:00AM
Deadline for Scheduling SSASECT for Ad Astra Room Assignments09/04/2017*11:59PM
Begin Processing Room Assignments (Ad Astra)09/05/201708:00AM
End Processing Room Assignments (Ad Astra)09/17/201711:59PM
Scheduling Resumes09/18/201708:00AM 
Registration Begins11/03/201708:00AM
Students Removed from Waitlist01/01/2018*Noon
Final Day to submit Section Cancellation Form due to low enrollment01/03/2018
First Day of Classes01/04/2018 
Last Day of Drop/Add01/10/2018 
Final Day for Modifying SSASECT for Board of Regents reporting02/15/201805:00PM
Board of Regents Census Date02/22/2018