Pertinent Dates for Scheduling Courses in Banner


Fall, 2017


Class Scheduling TimelineFall 2017
First Available Date for Scheduling11/14/20168:00AM
Schedule of Classes goes Online01/12/20178:00AM
Deadline for Scheduling SSASECT for Ad Astra Room Assignments02/05/20175:00PM
Begin Processing Room Assignments (Ad Astra)02/06/20178:00AM
End Processing Room Assignments (Ad Astra)02/19/20175:00PM
Scheduling Resumes02/20/20178:00AM
Registration Begins04/07/20178:00AM
Students Removed from Waitlist08/09/2017Noon
Final Day to submit Section Cancellation Form due to low enrollment08/11/2017
First Day of Classes08/14/2017 
Last Day of Drop/Add08/18/2017 
Final Day for Modifying SSASECT for Board of Regents reporting10/02/20175:00PM
Board of Regents Census Date10/06/2017