Student Withdrawal Information


Please review the Withdrawal Policy on the Office of the Registrar's website.

Withdrawing from a course in Athena:

  • Log into Athena
  • Select “Student Records” under the “Student” tab.
  • Select “Registration” then “Add or Drop Courses”
  • Under the “Action” column, select the withdraw option from the drop down on the appropriate course.
  • Submit changes.

Students may withdraw from a course for any reason. The withdrawal period lasts from the day after drop and add until the withdrawal deadline. The exact dates for withdrawal can be seen on the parts of term page, Once a withdrawal is processed for a course, the grade of W will be automatically assigned.


Federal regulations require timely reporting of enrollment status changes so it is important that a grade is promptly assigned.

Student Withdrawal for Military Health/Emergency Reasons

The Office of Student Support Services provides assistance to students experiencing hardship circumstances. Students seeking to withdraw from courses due to hardship circumstances should contact Student Support Services: