Student Withdrawal Information


Please review the Withdrawal Policy on the Office of the Registrar's website.

Once a withdrawal is processed for a course,  the instructor of that course will be notified via email. All emails are sent only to UGA email accounts. The email will provide the name of the student, the course and meeting day/time and the date the student initiated the withdrawal. If the course has multiple instructors, only the primary instructor will receive the email notice. A link will be provided to the OASIS web site where the instructor will assign a grade (WP or WF) and a date of last attendance. See below for further guidelines on the Student Withdrawal screen.

Federal regulations require timely reporting of enrollment status changes so it is important that a grade is promptly assigned.

Instructors will also receive an email notification of a student's withdrawal even if no action is required from the instructor. In these situations, the email notice will include one of the following statements:

  • "Since this is a non-credit section there is no need for further action."
  • "The final grade roll for this section has already been generated. Please assign a withdrawal grade on the grade roll."
  • "This student was involuntarily called to active military duty and has been withdrawn from your course with a grade of WM as per Board of Regents policy. There is no need for further action on your part."

Student Withdrawal Screen:

  1. Date of Last Attendance:
    • Course Withdrawal: Insert date of last attendance in MM/DD/YYYY format. This field is pre-populated with the date the student initiated the withdrawal. Please overstrike this information if needed.
    • University Withdrawal: Date of last attendance must be the date the student processed the withdrawal. This is required by regulations governing percentage refunds granted for complete withdrawals.
  2. Assign a grade of WP or WF:
    • The grade WF is a penalty grade and will be computed as an F in the student's GPA.
    • University System Policy does not permit withdrawal without penalty after the midpoint of the total grading period except for emergency or health reasons. Assignment of the grade symbol WP after the midpoint requires prior approval of the Associate Dean for Student Services
  3. Please be sure to click the Submit button.

Student Withdrawal for Health/Emergency Reasons

If the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs has approved a withdrawal for health/emergency reasons, this will be indicated in the middle section of the screen. Please follow the above guidelines for submitting either a WP or WF and entering the last date of attendance.