Student Advisement

Please note:  This is a quick look-up for gaining access to the Student Information System and for clearing students for registration.  You are encouraged to review the Student Advisement (SA) Tutorial for more thorough assistance.

Logging into the Student Information System:

Signing into the IBM services screen (you will need to have Hummingbird downloaded onto your PC):

  • Open the TSO icon from your desktop.
  • Type F (for Financial and Student Systems) and press Enter.
  • IMS System Entry. Type your USER ID (normally your initials and department number) and your password and press Enter.
  • To access the Administrative Information Menu, press Enter or F12.
    • To exit, press F3
    • To change your password, press F5
    • Press F4 to return to the signon screen

Note: If you receive the message "User Revoked", please call Access Services at 706.542.4000 for assistance.


Access to Student Advisement:

On the Administrative Information Systems Menu, place your cursor next to Student Advisement and press Enter.

To exit Student Advisement:

  • Press the F3 key to Quit from any screen
  • Press F3 again to confirm your request to exit Student Advisement.
  • At the Administrative Information Systems Menu Screen, press F3 to exit the IBM Services Screen
  • Press F3 one more time to confirm your request to exit the System.


Student Advisement Main Menu:

This menu lists the Student Information System screens that are frequently used by academic advisors. Each screen is identified by a two character code. Selection of a screen requires the entry of its code and completion of the data fields identified with an R (required entry).


Clearing Students for Registration

On the Student Advisement Menu, enter the Code "CA" (Clear Advisement), the student's ID, and the term for which the student is being cleared to register.  Press Enter.

On the Clear Advisement screen, enter a Y next to the 'Advised' field under Advisor's Approval.

The student's Registration Appointment Time is indicated in the lower left-hand corner of this sceen.