DegreeWorks & iPad

Below are the issues the Registrar’s Office encountered while testing DegreeWorks on the Apple iPad.  We contacted the DegreeWorks vendor concerning these items and received the response that they do intend to support the iPad platform but they have to wait for the overall SunGard Higher Education stance to make an official decision.

      Known Issues:

  • The ‘Save As PDF’ option, it is currently not creating/displaying the audit in the .pdf format on the iPad.
  • What-If & Look Ahead: Does not display the college/major/courses in the text box on the right-side of the screen.  Instead, a box with the text ‘0 Items Selected’ displays with ellipses (…) and when you click on the ellipses you then see the options selected.  The audit does run successfully with the correct information.
  • GPA Calculator: Does not retrieve in-progress classes or credit on the term calculator.  Also, the recalculate button does not reload the calculator, you will have to select the calculator again on the left-side of the screen.
  • Planner: Even though we have not implemented this functionality, the planner does not display on the iPad as it does on a PC.  It is only able to display one section of the screen (the audit), instead of both which is the audit and the actual planning tool.