Graduation Clearance Procedures


Applying to Graduate 

  • Graduation Applications open on the first business day after drop/add of the previous term.
  • If students want their information included in the Commencement Program, they must apply for each     program they are completing by the withdrawal deadline for the term in which they intend to graduate in. 
  • For undergraduates, summer candidates must apply by the spring withdrawal deadline if they want their information to be included in the Spring Commencement Program.  
  • Students who have applied to graduate will immediately be included on your Graduation Roster and available to review.


How to Access Graduation Rosters in Athena

 STEP 1: Sign in to Athena using your MyID and password.

Step 1
STEP 2:  Access the Faculty Services Menu Option.
Step 2
STEP 3:  Select the Graduation Roster Processing Option.
Step 3
STEP 4:  When accessing your Graduation Rosters, enter the Term, Major and Degree/Certificate fields. If you are certifying all majors in one degree/certificate program, you may leave the major field blank.
Step 4aStep 4b
STEP 5:  This will display a list of all students who have applied to graduate in your program for the term entered.  You may view students who have applied to graduate throughout the term until Rosters open.  Once the Rosters are open, you will have the option to change the student’s status from Sought to Pending or Delete. Only the Office of the Registrar can update the student’s status to Awarded.  When the Rosters close, you can only review the list.
Step 5a
NOTE:  There may be several Record Sets for certain majors or degree programs.
Step 5b
STEP 6:  Using DegreeWorks, Program of Study form, and/or the student’s unofficial transcript, confirm that *all* program requirements have been completed.  If so, update the student’s status to “Pending” on the Graduation Roster in Athena.  If not, update the student’s status to “Deleted”.  Note that Certificate Programs are not viewable in DegreeWorks.
Step 6
STEP 7:  The Rosters will show multiple areas of emphasis and up to two minors.  If the student has more than two minors they will be completing in the same term, you may send an email through notifying the Office of the Registrar of the third minor completion.
Step 7
FINAL NOTES:  If the major is completed but not the minor or concentration, please send a SGASTDN form through to the Office of the Registrar requesting the minor or concentration be made inactive.
If the student’s status is updated to Deleted on the Graduation Roster in Athena, their Graduation Application will be removed that night via batch processing.  The student will then need to re-apply to graduate in a future term when they intend to complete requirements.
If you need assistance or have any questions, please email